Associate’s Program – Holiday Rank Bump-Up Program


By completing this transaction. I agree to work consistently on a daily basis building my Nail Wrap Club, Inc. business. I may only resell and/or build a team but I am committing to being consistent in my marketing, follow-ups, handing out samples, doing lives, posting photos, and other means of working my business. If I need ideas or help I will call/message/email my up-line or corporate.

Any rank earned at the end of 12/31/19 will be my starting rank as of 1/1/20.

By agreeing to these terms Nail Wrap Club, Inc. will bump up my commission level to 50%. I understand I must enroll in this program to qualify. I agree this is a Holiday Rank Bump-Up Program and my rank may be lowered if I did not earn the 50% commission level by 12/31/19. I may also earn increases in my rank during and after this time.

In order to receive down-line commissions/bonuses. I understand and agree to the compensation plan already in place.

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