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Hello world!

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  1. Hello Everyone! My name is Keith Leonard. I am not only a rep, I am Kelli’s Husband and lead support in this endeavor. It has been amazing to watch and see Kelli build this site and design this business to be what she has spent so long looking for, A business with a rock solid product that will need to be replaced without a ceiling on numbers limited to yourself. With her target being not only to money but create a community where women can meet, work as a team, and be uplifting to each other.

    I have been an Electrician for almost 25 years and the only thing that I have seen light up the eyes as much as these wraps is a crystal chandelier. With the way I have seen Kelli beat her hands all day and they aren’t even chipped, after seeing how easily they went on. I was sold. So much to the point I am wholly invested and out to sell.

    I want You all to Know that Kelli is an Amazing woman with a kind heart that wants to help others up in life. She knows that hard work only gets you so far and that what is needed more than anything these days is opportunity. That’s why she gives commissions that are attainable without killing yourself trying.

    I look forward to spreading the word and the nails with all of you!!

    Keith Leonard

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