2019 Charity – Blue Ribbon Brigade

   Nail Wrap Club Inc. announces its support of the Blue Ribbon Brigade as our chosen 2019 Charity. We are honored they have accepted our nomination and were voted in by our Customers and Associates. Nail Wrap Club, Inc is currently designing and producing a special Blue Ribbon Brigade Manicure Nail Wrap Set that can be purchased to support the fundraising for Blue Ribbon Brigade. Customers and Associates may also add a chosen dollar amount to their shopping carts during the “View Cart” page. If you would like to donate to Blue Ribbon Brigade without placing a Nail Wrap Club, Inc. order you may do so by going to the store category: Blue Ribbon Brigade and adding “Donation” to cart.

  We are also looking for Matching Donation Sponsors. A Matching Donation Sponsor can be an individual, group, organization, or business who would like to participate in donation matching. For example: XYZ Company would like to match the first $100 donated. Meaning, as soon as we receive our first $100 in donations for Blue Ribbon Brigade XYZ Company donates $100, make total donations $200. You may “Match Donation” any amount $25 and up. You can find the “Match Donation Sponsor” link here. We will be tracking the progress of the fundraiser on the Nail Wrap Club, Inc. website, just look in the sidebar on the left for current amount raised.

100% of all donations will be issued to Blue Ribbon Brigade. $4 of each Blue Ribbon Brigade Manicure Nail Wrap Set will be issued to Blue Ribbon Brigade. 5% of Nail Wrap Club, Inc. total profits from  6/15/19 to 12/31/19 will be donated to Blue Ribbon Brigade. Blue Ribbon Brigade will receive all funds by Jan 15, 2020.

BRB with Ribbon

The Blue Ribbon Brigade Motorcycle Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports and assists children that are victims of child abuse. They help all kids without judgment of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or family status. There are several levels of support at their disposal and each intervention is based on the individual child’s needs.

Their Mission is to encourage children who are the victims of abuse to overcome their fears by showing them that they are strong and they do not have to be afraid. They say that when a Child is accepted into the Blue Ribbon Brigade, they are accepted into the Blue Ribbon Brigade family. Their role is to be a positive force for these kids and help to ease their fears and the anxiety that comes with the process of recovery and healing.They have one Chapter in Salem, Oregon but will respond outside of Marion County if the need presents itself. All of the money raised goes to their Mission of helping children, not a single member is paid anything for their services.

It’s also part of their Mission to bring child abuse awareness to the public and show the magnitude of the need for child abuse awareness. The Blue Ribbon Brigade hosts a meeting every second Friday of the month and can be contacted at their website: http://blueribbonbrigade.org/ or on their Facebook page. Anyone can help a child in need by contacting the Child Referral Line: (971)-225-4261.

All Members if the Blue Ribbon Brigade who interact with children must pass an NCIC background check, complete Blue Ribbon Brigade training and spend time as a Prospect and both men and women, riders and passengers can be accepted into the club. Hopefully one day no child will be a victim of abuse and no child will need their support, but until that day comes they will stand shoulder to shoulder with these children to protect, support, and encourage them.